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Mobile Notary Service - Advance MO

For individuals living in Advance and its surrounding areas  our mobile notary service can be of use to you if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to be involved in the signing of certain specific types of documents. The advantage of a service like ours is that we come to you at a time and a place of your choosing. That means minimal disruption to everyone’s day while still doing the work that needs to be done in a timely fashion.

Some examples of documents that may require notarization include mortgages, loans, as well as wills, deeds and trusts. Certain types of medical documents may also require notarization. Any medical document that specifies the kind of treatment that a person wants to receive or not receive in case he or she becomes incapacitated by an injury or illness will need to be notarized. These are also called “living wills” or health care declarations and they need to be notarized in order to ensure that there are no future disputes regarding the health care provided to the person and that the doctors and other medical staff can honor that person’s wishes. Health care proxies, which are documents that allow another person to take health care decisions on the patient’s behalf if he or she is deemed not competent to make these types of decisions should also be notarized. 

We can be wherever you need us in the Advance area 6 days a week. We are fully bonded and we also carry errors and omissions insurance so we are well prepared for any situation.

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